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Painting the kitchen will help bring vibrant energy into it. Spending time in the kitchen will be more enjoyable and comfortable. Kitchen Paint Cincinnati OH can bring the much-needed improvement in your old kitchen. Our experts will work with you to create the perfect look for your kitchen.

Kitchen Paint Cincinnati


Kitchen Paint Cincinnati OH


Painting and refinishing is an alternative strategy to give your existing kitchen a complete make-over. This project may seem challenging and could involve a lot of work. Hiring professionals from Kitchen Paint Cincinnati OH will make the process easy and quick for you. 

Read carefully as we walk you through the process of kitchen painting and why you should hire our team of experts.

Choose a Kitchen Paint Color

Choose your kitchen paint colors according to your preferences. Remember to choose wisely and carefully since this is where you and your family spend a lot of time. It also gets a lot of attention. We suggest opting for the best kitchen colors that correspond with the idea of food and dining.

Select the Best Paint Finish

For paint finishes, try thinking of the spectrum of color on a paint fan. Consider the gradations of glossiness: from the matte finish (flat, non-shiny) to high-gloss (shiny). We recommend satin and a semi-gloss finish that have become the favorite finish among our clients. 

Decide on the Area to be Painted

Our team will figure out the square footage of your walls to give you an idea of how much paint to get. For a newly built kitchen, to calculate the square footage of each wall, we will multiply it by the room height and by the room length. Then sum up all walls for the total. For a kitchen remodel, which will typically have appliances, cabinets, flooring, and more, there will be less square footage. We suggest buying enough paint to cover all walls as if it were a bare room. If there's extra paint, it will be for touch-ups.

Kitchen Paint Cincinnati

Clean All Surfaces to be Painted

Before we begin with painting your kitchen, kitchen walls need cleaning. We will also wash the areas above and around the counters, stove, and the oven with warm water and TSP (tri-sodium phosphate). Removing dust and cobwebs with a vacuum and a damp cloth is also necessary. 

Cover and Mask

Our team will apply cover and mask to avoid paint drips leaking on the floor. Draping large objects including appliances, cabinets, and tables with masking film or plastic sheets is also vital.

Apply Primer

For surfaces in good and clean condition, priming is not necessary. For bare wood, unpainted wall, and surfaces in poor condition, consider applying primer. 

Now that we are ready to paint your kitchen, we will determine which areas are big enough to have a capacity for the roller. We will manually paint the areas that the roller could not reach. To make sure the paint colors deepen and achieve their full potential, applying two or even three coats is highly recommended.

Contact Kitchen Paint Cincinnati OH to help add fresh life into your kitchen. 

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